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Ijura Enterprise is a mobile and IOT threat defence product that works over the cloud to protect devices with a Zero trust and Zero touch approach. It can be deployed on prem or over private cloud as well.
As of now the service is only available for enterprise users. If you would wish to use the service for your company then please ask your administrator to get in touch with us on (link and button for Get Started)
Ijura Enterprise can be downloaded from Android and Apple app stores directly
It secures the end points and inspects all data packets going in and out of your device.
Ijura Enterprise is much more than an antivirus. Its a product that is created for connected digital devices focussing on privacy and security. Unlike an antivirus, Ijura Enterprise does not constantly scan your device, ensuring you don't slow your device or consume battery. Ijura Enterprise directly runs over the cloud, and secures the data packets in and out of your device.
It protects the device from-
- Phishing attacks
- Malware
- Data leaks
- Running malicious scripts
- Malicious executable files
- Botnet attacks
- Virus attacks
- Classifying threats
- Limiting IP access
- Dashboard access
- Reports and threat classification view
Mobile device management softwares is useful for limiting access to certain websites or IP addresses, deploying firewall policies, controlling and managing access on the mobile devices. Ijura Enterprise on the other hand not only provides access controls but also helps against various hacking based attacks such as those mentioned above. With Ijura Enterprise you can compliment a MDM provider by adding a layer of security that shall help it prevent from various vulnerabilities.
We host our product on the cloud and secure all the data packets to and from the device by passing it through our threat protection engine so that your device does not over use its battery, ram and processing power. Not only it improves efficiency but also helps make Ijura Enterprise untraceable.
No, Ijura Enterprise will not slow down the phone as it will open a VPN tunnel between the device and cloud protection engine.
Ijura Enterprise has a Deep packet inspection engine along with a proprietary data classification and segregation system which ensures all traffic passes through the threat protection engine operating in the cloud directly. Not only it improves efficiency but also helps make Ijura Enterprise untraceable
A sim based protection or a sim hardened solution which Ijura Enterprise provides, secures the traffic received from the subscribed telecom operator without having the need to install any mobile app onto the device. We can directly secure the traffic by integrating our service with a telecom operator.
Ijura Enterprise opens up a secure tunnel from the telecom operator to its protection engine hosted on the cloud. The telecom operator then passes along the traffic to the threat protector that has been provisioned/subscribed for.
Yes, Ijura Enterprise has 3 patents pending for this solution. It can recognize the traffic based on the phone number versus based upon IP address. This makes the value Ijura Enterprise proposition totally unique.
Ijura Enterprise also has an over the top(OTT) mobile application that helps secure the device at hotspots, wifi networks at home or office or while travelling.
Yes, if your laptop is using a sim based data connection and you use the sim based Ijura Enterprise plan.
Ijura Enterprise does not give previews to enterprise administrators for employee browsing history and data in case of a BYOD plan.
No, Ijura Enterprise does not share any information for any purpose with a third party. All the data going in and out of the platform is encrypted.
Ijura Enterprise does not store any information but just passes the data through. It only checks for the vulnerability in the links.
Yes, but you will have to contact the Ijura Enterprise sales team at who shall be able to guide you on to the next steps.
Ijura Enterprise currently operates directly in US and UK but we have global roaming partnerships that enable our service to run in multiple countries when travelling. You can contact to learn more.
Most MDM service revolves around controlling the access from your device but it does not scan for any incoming and outgoing traffic that could be vulnerable. Ijura Enterprise can directly work with a MDM provider on the back end and secure the traffic going in and out of the device.
Yes, definitely. We can work with any security solution provider and use their DPI engine so that your organization does not have to change the vendor. Please reach out to to learn which DPI providers we work with.